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The Chinese Traditional Culture Activity Week and the Community Culture Festival

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In order to further study and implement the spirits of 20th CPC congress, play a role to the education function of student associations, inherit and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and guide the young students to develop in all aspects, on April 23rd, the university held the launch ceremony of the 3rd Chinese Traditional Culture Activity Week and the 17th Community Culture Festival in Music Square of Lianhu Campus. Vice President Xu Xiaozong made a speech and announced the official launch of the activity. Secretary of the Youth League Committee Cheng Huajun presided over the launch ceremony.

Xu Xiaozong pointed out that student associations are a vital force to cultivate students. The excellent traditional Chinese culture is the spiritual lifeblood of the Chinese nation, and it is the boundless responsibility of universities to inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture. As a part of the second class of the school, the community is the fresh carrier and path of ideological and political education. We should strengthen the construction of the student community, polish the background of the community culture, and create the campus culture name card. Club members should actively participate in club activities, elevate their quality, learn from the sage, cherish their youth, live up to their youth, and be a Chinese with root and soul in the new era, optimistic and aspirant, full of cultural confidence.

Professor Wang Zhiyi, Dean of College of Chinese Traditional Culture, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony. He pointed out that the extensive and profound traditional Chinese culture, learning and mastering the essence of various thoughts in it is very beneficial to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Under the strong leadership of the university Party Committee, the excellent traditional Chinese culture will be promoted into textbooks, classrooms and minds. Strive to make the College of Traditional Chinese Culture more distinctive. Excellent teachers’ representative Cheng Zibiao , the head of excellent community representative Chen Jie ,and Chinese excellent traditional culture lover Wang Zhaangpin addressed speeches respectively, sharing community work experience and the feeling of the Chinese traditional culture, for initiative to vigorously carry forward the Chinese traditional culture in our school and take an active part in community activities.

The theme of this activity is "Study the spirits of 20th CPC congress, always follow the Party, forge a new journey", and the fundamental is "enrich culture, promote education, cultivate morality and cultivate people". In addition to the student associations’ shows, interactive performance and immersive experience activities of traditional culture student association were also carried out on the site. The university now has 95 student associations, including 23 traditional culture associations, with more than 10,000 members,a series of wonderful activities such as seal cutting , chess game, tea art display, pot throwing competition, Hanfu show, Chinese classic reading, poetry flying flowers interaction, have attracted many teachers and students to watch in the rain, queue up experience, encourage teachers and students to respect the tradition, learn wisdom, heritage culture, so that the excellent Chinese traditional culture enduring new, to the future.

The association is an important channel to strengthen the ideological and political education of students, and plays an important role in cultivating the comprehensive quality of students, creating the campus cultural atmosphere and demonstrating the characteristics of the school. The school has always regarded student associations as an important part of the second classroom. Since 2021, the week of the third day of the third lunar month has been designated as the traditional Chinese Culture Activity Week. Through the rich and colorful culture and art association activities, the school can enrich extracurricular life, flourish campus culture and show the style of youth.

It is reported that after the traditional culture Week, there will be art and sports competition week, voluntary public welfare week, and academic science and Innovation Week. Various club activities will be carried out one after another to further give play to the positive role of student associations in the construction of campus culture in our school.

Attending the launching ceremony were leaders of Internet Ideological and Political Work Department, Student Work Department, Armed Security Department and leaders of other departments, secretaries and deputy secretaries of Party committees of secondary colleges, secretaries of the Youth League general branch , instructors of the association and representatives of the members of the association.


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