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The 2023 English Dubbing Competition of the School of Foreign Languages

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The final of the 2023 English dubbing competition kicked off in the Scene Simulation Lab at 19:00 on November 14, 2023. Foreign teachers such as Patrick, Margie and Kelly, and Liu Xinlei, the counselor of Grade 2020 work as the judge panel for this competition.

The  final was divided into two stages: self-dubbing and impromptu dubbing. Before the start of the competition, the players would decide the order of appearance by drawing lots. In the first stage, each contestant  prepared 1-2 minutes of dubbing competition segments and showed them  in turn.  After each group of contestants finished their presentation, they would select their own dubbing segments by randomly drawing numbers. Then, they got familiar with dubbing lines and prepared for the next impromptu dubbing. After the 10 contestants showed their own dubbing clips, every group would perform the impromptu dubbing in the same order as before, and start the second stage of this competition. 

In the first stage of self-prepared dubbing, the contestants demonstrated their solid oral English ability with ease. The judges, teachers and audience also deeply felt the contestants' love for English from the dubbing clips of different themes they selected. In the second stage of the competition, the players were no less impressive. In just 20 minutes of preparation time, they could not only keep up with the rhythm of the video smoothly, perform smooth dubbing, but also express their emotions. This was undoubtedly the display of the solid basic skills of the players, but also the display of excellent personal ability and harmonious team spirit.

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