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Themed Class Meeting: Pursuing Beauty and Mental Health

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On November 12, the School of Foreign Languages held an offline class meeting with the theme of pursuing beauty and mental health. The meeting was held by counselors of each grade to promote students mental health education and enhance  their collective consciousness, safety consciousness, responsibility consciousness and protection consciousness. .

The main contents are introduced as follows: First, the 19th Dormitory Culture Festival will be held, with a series of competitions such as the handmade "DIY for Environmental Protection" contest. These competitions will guide students to develop good living habits, create civilized apartments, optimize the campus cultural environment, and promote the construction of school spirit and study style.

Second, the fire protection publicity activity will be conducted. Within one month of "Fire Protection Publicity", some activities will be carried out through multiple channels and forms to enhance teachers and students' awareness of fire safety and their ability to avoid risks. At the same time, fire hazards on campus will be comprehensively inspected, to avoid the hazard happening.

Third, the mental health publicity work will be further strengthened. Through various activities such as entertainment, sports, and psychological quality development, it will be beneficial to students' physical and mental health. The modern concepts of self-esteem, self-confidence, optimism and mental health awareness are disseminated through multiple channels, so as to promote the students' all-round and healthy development.

Fourth, education on life and safety will be advanced and further emphasized to ensure the students' personal safety and property safety, improve their own personality cultivation, cultivate their sense of social security responsibility, and establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.

       Fifth, the students of Grade 2021 and 2020 are encouraged to participate in the double selection employment meeting on November 15.

                          Contributed by Wang Jingyi   Reviewed by Wang Yiwen

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