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The final of the third "Tell Good Chinese Stories" was held

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  On March 29th, the final of the third "Tell Good Chinese Stories" Oral English Competition was held in the multi-function hall. Vice President Professor Cheng Biying was present to guide and give a speech.

 Cheng Biying said that the countless "separate stories" performed in the long history of the Chinese nation have converged into the splendid Chinese culture.The small incision with big background, simple stories with great truths, and small potato with large themes, which are the song of the never-ending endeavor of our nation. To tell Chinese stories well in English is to let contemporary college students enhance their understanding of the excellent Chinese traditional culture, gain strength from the honest stories, give full play to their brainpower in the new journey of Chinese modernization and promote the traditional virtues of Chinese culture. She hopes that the participants can demonstrate their skills and style and wish the competition a complete success.

 The competition attracted more than 6,000 students to participate in the preliminary competition. After strict selection, 150 contestants entered the next round, and finally 15 contestants stood out and advanced to the final.With the theme of "Treat people sincerely, locate yourself down-to-earth", the competition aims to cultivate and practice the core socialist values of "honesty and trustworthiness", create a good atmosphere for everyone to be honest, and enhance the awareness of integrity in the whole society. The team of contestants made full preparation and the advisers gave them careful guidance. In the competition, the contestants possessed elegant bearing, fluent speaking and sincere emotion, fully showing their most beautiful demeanor, and deeply infected every teacher and student on the scene. The atmosphere of the competition is enthusiastic and the process is wonderful, which is an audio-visual feast integrating Chinese integrity culture and oral English.

 After fierce competition, two freshmen from the School of Literature and Communication——Fang Zhongwei from the Network and New Media major and Wu Min from the Radio and Television editing major won the first prize. Five contestants from Chinese Traditional Culture,Health care,Financial and Economic Management, Education and other schools won the second prize, and the rest won the third prize.

Liu Yanshi, associate dean of the School of Foreign Languages, made a wonderful comment on the competition. He highly praised the oral speaking capacity and stage performance of the final, and hoped that students could learn to think and practice the traditional Chinese virtue of "Treat people sincerely, locate yourself down-to-earth" in their study and life, tell good Chinese stories in English and convey the China’s voice.

 “Tell Good Chinese Stories” Oral English competition is an important content of College English ideological and political courses,and an important measure to push the ideological and political courses construction. It not only carries forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, but also improves students' English communication capacity and cultural literacy. The competition is sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Party Committee, the Youth League Committee and the Academic Affairs Office, organized by the School of Foreign Languages, and co-organized by the "Bashan Teenagers’ Language" Sichuan Famous Counselor Studio.

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