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School of Foreign Languages Hold Alumni Symposium to Facilitate Employment

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The School of Foreign Languages has further promoted the special action of visiting enterprises and expanding jobs to Promote employment to provide more jobs and opportunities for graduates and promote graduates to have more higher quality employment. Recently, the symposium of the action was successfully held. Wang Yiwen, secretary of the School Party Committee, and three outstanding alumni from various enterprises and institutions in Guangzhou and Shenzhen attended the symposium.

During the symposium, Secretary Wang Yiwen first extended his sincere greetings to the three alumni, and then introduced the basic situation in teaching and research, talent cultivation, social services, etc. in recent years, and pointed out that to implement the employment of graduates, we need sincere help from alumni. After that, three outstanding alumni——Xu Lan (vice general manager of Fu Man Overseas Education, and the graduate of the year 2006), Huang Chunli (deputy director of the Shenzhen Office of Investment Promotion Center in Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City, and graduate of the year 2011), Song Qiaoqiao (graduate of the year 2017)——respectively introduced the development of their companies and their own career paths, and combined with their own experience, suggested that students in school should refuse to “lie down”, and actively participate in extracurricular activities, learn professional knowledge, broaden horizons, and strive to become inter-disciplinary talents.

Finally, Secretary Wang congratulated the three alumni on their achievements. At the same time, he thanked the alumni for caring about the development and construction of the school and the growth of younger students. Wang hopes that alumni will achieve greater success in their posts and continue to help the school in talent cultivation.

At the symposium, the alumni expressed their gratitude for the education and cultivation provided by the Sichuan University of Arts and Science. They will continue to strive forward, create new achievements in their careers to live up to the expectations of her. They will also requite the alma mater by providing more job opportunities for graduates of the alma mater.

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